UC Browser Mini - Smooth 10.7.9

Load pages fast and save space on your phone with this stylish web browser

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UC Browser Mini - Smooth 10.7.9
UC Browser Mini - Smooth 2017

UC Browser Mini – Smooth delivers a fast and lightweight mobile web browsing experience.

UC Browser is among the most popular mobile web browsing apps, and it’s becoming quite popular for desktop computing as well. As our mobile devices have gotten more powerful, our mobile web browsers have become more sophisticated. There was a time when low spec support was a given, but that isn’t the case anymore. Enter UC Browser Mini by UCWeb Inc.

UC Browser Mini is a fork of the main UC Browser mobile app that’s designed specifically for smartphones and other devices with relatively low specifications. Even if your old phone struggles to run most mobile web browser, it can probably run this one. This app can even get by with hardly any memory or storage available to it.

You may expect a lot of sacrifices due to the low spec nature, but that’s perhaps what’s most impressive about UC Browser Mini. The experience is comparable to UC Browser, and most of the concessions made are made behind the scenes and won’t generally affect your experience.

In fact, most of the modern web browser features you’ve come to expect are present. Surfing is fast and streamlined, and actions are chosen via navigation cards. There’s an incognito mode for protecting your privacy. A night mode makes it easier to read in the dark and suppresses audible disruptions. The app features smart downloading, data saving and gesture controls, including for video, and it has an integrated ad blocker.

Your home screen is made up of your most accessed web pages or sites you choose. You can create bookmarks as well as view your bookmarks and browsing history. There are convenient one-tap icons for Downloads, My Videos, Incognito and Tools.

There are some minor issues with UC Browser Mini. It can’t download anything to an SD card. You’ll have to do that manually, which is quite the annoyance and an odd oversight for an app designed specifically with storage limitations in mind.

Another issue is Speed Mode, which is great when it works. The goal of this component is to automatically fetch the most appropriate page based on your connection speed and phone specs. It can target mobile pages and even filter out bandwidth-intensive images and whatnot. The problem is that it doesn’t work with a lot of websites. We’d also like to see a bit more user control so that it’s easier, for instance, to block all images or all videos from a current browsing session.


  • Lightweight web browser
  • Fast and streamlined
  • Many modern browser features


  • Speed mode hit and miss

UC Browser Mini - Smooth is a lightweight and fast web browser designed to bring you the best possible performance while using a minimal amount of system resources. It comes in a tiny 2.5 MB package, yet still includes everything needed for a fast and comfortable mobile browsing experience. The development team have specially designed it to work on lower end Android phones with less powerful hardware and limited storage space.

A Premium Web Browser With Constant Improvements

The team at UCWeb is constantly working on the UC Browser Mini - Smooth project in order to improve their app and increase its popularity. They value feedback from their users and regularly release updates that correct reported problems, in addition to bringing improvements to the interface and technical elements that power the browser.

UC Browser Mini - Smooth has received multiple awards from reputable online publications, including the "Best Mobile Browser" and "Best Android Browser" awards from About.com. When you download it to your smartphone or Android tablet, you can rest assured that you'll be getting a quality product.

Packed With Awesome Features

The browser's main interface is both sleek and sophisticated, keeping important controls accessible while taking up a minimal amount of screen space. You can customize the navigation cards serving as the start page to make them show online content you find interesting.

Just like other modern mobile browsers, UC Browser Mini - Smooth has a night mode for more comfortable reading in darker environments and an incognito mode enabling private browsing. Improved bookmark management and browsing history display ensure easy access to websites you've visited before and want to see again. The built-in download manager is as powerful as one you can find on a desktop web browser. It supports downloading multiple files at once, has a background mode allowing you to keep it working even after you close the main browser window, supports cloud downloading and automatic reconnection.

Faster and More Comfortable Browsing

The latest update to UC Browser Mini - Smooth improves your experience on websites with multimedia content, especially video. It will automatically detect when a video plays and lets you use gesture controls for the volume and playback progress. For text-based content like news articles, there's a text only mode and a function to save several pages for offline reading.

The "Speed Mode" feature had a few improvements too. It uses compression technology to improve page load times while lowering bandwidth usage. Despite efforts to make it better, it still suffers from compatibility issues that can cause some websites to display incorrectly or not load at all. Turning it off is the only solution in these cases.


  • Highly functional browser in a tiny package.
  • Perfect for less powerful smartphones.
  • Constantly improved and updated.
  • Includes all features needed for a fast and enjoyable browsing experience.


  • Speed Mode feature not compatible with all pages.

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